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What Is Gelato?

What Is Sorbetto?

If you didn't know you were eating Gelato,

you would simply think you were enjoying the most wonderful ice-cream of your life.

With a denser consistency, healthier ingredients and amazing flavors,
Gelato is the Italian version of ice-cream.

Gelato is "grown-up" ice cream, that still appeals to the child in all of us.

While Ice-cream starts with a mostly cream base, Gelato starts with a mostly milk base. This means you
get less fat, fewer calories and a healthier overall product. Gelato is churned slowly, introducing less air
to the final product, resulting in a smooth, dense, and creamy confection.

Gelato is also frozen slowly, preventing ice from forming in the mixture,

leaving it with a smooth consistency that you will notice immediately, and never forget.

You will be happy to know that most authentic gelato is naturally gluten free.

Lastly, for the foodies, Gelato is served at a more moderate temperature than ice-cream.

Because extreme cold can affect your taste buds, Gelato delivers a more complete flavor profile to your pallet.





Sorbetto is the older Italian cousin of America's Sherbet. The primary difference is that Sorbetto is made
with water (fruit juice) and fresh fruit. Unlike Sherbet, Sorbetto does not use milk in its production so it is
both gluten and dairy free. Wait, did I mention there is NO FAT in sorbetto? For those with food allergies,
those who want to try something different, and those just looking for a healthy, but amazingly
wonderful, alternative to milk based frozen products, this treat is for you!






Well, first, our gelato and sorbetto is not mass produced

and you won't find it in any other establishment in TEXAS.

Congelato! partnered with an Italian artisan to produce

our fresh and authentic Gelato and Sorbetto, just for hand! 

Our products are made using only fresh, in-season, non-GMO
ingredients, in small batches, with no high-fructose corn syrup*.


We will be featuring 50 flavors, 

bringing out 10 at a time, so you always have something new to try, and familiar flavors to rely on.


At Congelato!, life is truly sweet.
Nothing fights off the heat of a summer day like a cool treat.

Nothing warms the soul on a winter's afternoon like the comfort of a favorite flavor.

When the mood strikes you, know that Congelato! will be here to sweeten your day.

*Some flavors may include third party ingredients, like candy pieces,

that are produced with high fructose corn syrup.*


What sets Congelato! apart from other Gelato parlors?

Blackberry Carbenet Sorbetto with 🍋! Yu
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