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UPDATE 06/29/2021

Congelato opens Tuesday now  at 5 pm for Family Night. As things are starting to open back up, our courtyard is starting to see more folks enjoying the outdoor space. We still ask that you be respectful of our customers who choose to wear their masks out. 

Our employees are young ladies who some have been vaccinated and some who are planning to be, please be respectful if they ask you to please wear a mask while they are working. We try to create a safe and fun environment for everyone! 😁 

If you are still not venturing out, No Worries!

Pre-ordering is Available for PICK UP here on our main page, just click on "Online Order".

 We are also accepting WALK UP Orders at our Window, and we are still offering Delivery from our DeliveryPartner Frnd-Ships! 

 We do ask that you observe social distancing standards and should you and anyone in your household not be feeling well, we ask kindly that you wait until you feel better to pay us a visit.

Thank you so much! 

Tuesday 5-8pm Family Night

Wendnesday 3-9pm
Thursday 3-9pm
Friday 3-9pm
SAT 1-8pm
Sunday 1-6pm

*We ask that you not visit if you, or someone in your household, is running a fever or may be sick.*  Please observe the suggested 6ft social distancing standard.



Hello everyone! As many of you know we did a trial run in the shop last week. We had planned to open this Wednesday, but as they're saying the worst is yet to come, it just doesn't make any sense for us to expose our family, or our customers. I could never live with myself if someone got sick in our shop. As the curve flattens we will consider opening as soon as possible. We miss being in the shop, and we missed our wonderful customers. Your smiles and support have kept us going for 2 years. I think our shop Will Survive the coronavirus, but nothing is for sure in anyone's world right now. We hope you will keep us in your thoughts, and come out to see us once we're able to get the doors open. Your support is greatly appreciated. Much love.

Congelato will beta test walk-up orders this Saturday between 1pm and 5pm. If things go well we will resume business on the 8th. Here are the precautions we've taken on your behalf.

First, we acknowledged the threat to our community and shut our doors before social distancing was formally recommended. We knew that with the limited information available to the public, this was the only way to protect our loved ones, and our customers. No amount of profit is worth risking the health of of our community.

The second phase of our efforts was based on education. We believe that diligence demanded we have a clear scope of the threat. Despite our unease, we patiently waited for clear direction. We consulted with state agencies to ensure that when we resumed business we were protecting our customers and our community.

Next, we took great efforts to shelter-in-place, observe social distancing, and limit our exposure. After all, if the person serving you is sick all other efforts are in vain. You can rest assured knowing that we are healthy and committed to sanitary service.

Finally we had to determine how we could serve Gelato while offering the upmost protection. After consulting with government agencies we have determined that a closed door, no touch system is the only sure way to avoid exposure.
We will offer a limited menu, during limited business hours. We will be serving from our improvised walk-up window. Only debit and credit card purchases will be accepted. All cards will be sanitized prior to processing, and sanitized before their return. No signatures or PIN numbers will be required. We will be wearing face masks and gloves. We will also be sanitizing and changing gloves for each transaction.

For those looking to break the monotony with something sweet, we have a safe place for you to heed the need.

Please Support Local!

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